We offer the revolutionary Sanexas treatment for neuropathy and chronic pain. This is a breakthrough approach to treating and healing neuropathy that helps our patients avoid unnecessary treatment plans (bandaids) and  medications such as Gabapentin/Neurontin, or Lyrica. Sanexas is a FDA cleared medical device that is covered by medicare/medicaid and most commercial insurance companies. 


Regenerative therapies regenerate human cells, tissues and help to restore function that has been lost due to aging, disease, damage or defects. These therapies aim to heal and restore your healththe underlying source of pain without relying on medication or surgery, and leads to increased function and mobility with a shorter recovery time than surgical options. 

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is pain that is ongoing and usually lasts longer than six months. This type of pain can continue even after the injury or illness that caused it has healed or gone away

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Therapies & Tests

Utilizing the TM-Flow system, we are able to detect nerve damage and peripheral vascular disease caused by various medical conditions. 

We also offer Epigenetic Testing and lab reports, IV therapies and Vitamin injections & more!
We offer options for services that are available via telehealth. Some of these include; epigenetic testing, weight loss consults and packages, food reactivity/sensitivty screenings, gut health testing package, medical marijuana consults(available in office for walk-ins) and links to professional supplement websites.


At NuLife Wellness LLC, we also offer a variety of anti-aging solutions. From neurotoxins like botox and xeomin to microneedling(with PRP and exosomes), dermal fillers and plasma fibroblast(coming soon!).

Sunlighten Infrared Medical Sauna 

Sunlighten infrared technology brings forth a therapeutic treatment that is not only relaxing but also clinically shown beneficial for your health. These saunas also help eliminate toxins, further supporting the healing process.  This is one of the many reasons why infrared sauna therapy is one of the fastest growing therapies.  


Your NuLife Begins Here


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Insurance & Health
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Medicare/Medicaid and most commercial insurances 

Number 1 Wellness Center in the Area

We are the only medical clinic in the area that provides Sanexas treatment as well as other regenerative approaches to health and wellness

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