Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain is a condition where you have regular pain anywhere in your body for more than 6 months. We have several therapies that can be utilized for the treatment of chronic pain. One treatment that is covered by insurance, is Sanexas. This form of treatment is designed to stimulate the nervous system to give you relief from the pain and the accompanying symptoms that result from nerve damage. 

The Sanexas will essentially reprogram the nerves to "forget" the pain patterns they have learned and function normally. The therapy will also improve blood circulation, stabilize metabolism so the body can repair injuries and tissue damage more effectively, lower inflammation levels, reduce the build up of fluids in the body and also has the potential to enhance immunity from diseases. 

Patients that have received Sanexas therapy note that it also has positive effects on their sleep quality, relief from chronic pain, ease of movement, improved motor function and increased strength and stamina. 

*This therapy is covered by Medicare and Most Commercial Insurances

Other therapies for chronic pain are Peptide Therapies and Stem Cell Therapies